About Us

The County Meath Association of Chambers and Business Councils is a volunteer-led organisation whose objective is to make County Meath the No.1 place in Ireland to do business.

The highly successful partnership that exists between business, the Chamber of Commerce, and Government at the Cary Chamber of Commerce in North Carolina inspired the Chairman of Meath County Council Cllr. Brian Fitzgerald to endeavour to replicate their success in County Meath.  The Association had its first meeting in September 2015.

It was decided that each Chamber would continue its own day to day activities, but that they would come together as an Association to have a stronger collective voice to promote business, investment and employment in County Meath. 

Through the Association we intend that the individual Chambers will communicate and work closely together, and support each others events, and consequentially benefit the local economy and the local communities.

County Meath has an unrivalled location, excellent housing and lifestyle, is located beside Ireland's best universities, has a highly educated workforce, and is just half an hour from Dublin City centre, Dublin International Airport and Dublin Port.

The Chamber will pro-actively endeavour to recruit business to Meath, to boost existing business, and to thereby support job creation, and create opportunities for Irish people living abroad to return home.

Whatever your business, make it Meath...


Mission Statement

By collaborating together we have a stronger voice to promote business, investment and employment in County Meath.

We will endeavour to make Meath a more attractive and friendly place to do business, and we will foster relations with Meath County Council and other relevant public, private and international organisations to give effect to this. The Association will not in any way interfere with day to day running of the individual Chambers and Business Councils as they will retain their full autonomy in the areas they represent.

The Association will organise Networking Events and will encourage support for the individual Chambers and Business Councils who arrange similar events. We will promote the many attractions of working and investing in County Meath: the prime location, robusiness attitude, top class infrastructure enabled for business needs, excellent schools and educational opportunities, attractive lifestyle, and the natural and historic surroundings.


Association Members

There are two members from each Chamber.

Ashbourne: Aine Lee & Alan Battersby
Kells: John V Farrelly & Bill Sweeney
Navan: Frank Harrington & Paul McGlynn
Trim: James Murray & Noel French
South East Meath: Joe Giltinane & John Fitzgerald


Chairperson: John V Farrelly
Vice Chairperson: Paul McGlynn
Secretary: Joe Giltinane
Joint Treasurer: Alan Battersby and Alan Byrne of Marsh Mackey
PRO: Bill Sweeney

Contact Details

Phone +353 85 8256955
Email: info@meathchambers.ie
Website: www.meathchambers.ie

Office Address

Meath Association of Chambers and Business Councils,
Chamber Buildings, Church Hill, Navan, Co. Meath